EdTech Cafe 2019

“The distance learning institute hosted their final Ed Tech Café of the semester. The theme this semester was centered around professional development, and as a part of the program, we created a DLI Quest. Successfully, we were able to announce our first winner of our quest, Dr. Beth Bair, Assistant Director UMX. If you are interested in participating in any of our future training or would like to join us on the Quest, feel free to email us at: help.dli@miami.edu”

Award Quest

Summer is coming: How to get the most out of Professional Development:

New to online teaching or want to gain some valuable tips for an engaging online course? Join EdTech Cafe for an exciting session and we will share some valuable techniques and methods to enhance the online learning environment. Make your plan to attend!


Learner-centered Scaffolding System (LSS)

Gain knowledge and valuable insights from Dr. Nam Ju Kim on how computer systems can help in the instructor's role as a facilitator in problem-bassed learning. Reinvigorate your online teaching methodologies.


Ready Player One: The Value of Gamification:

Join us for an exciting session on how Gamification is enhancing the online learning environment and how it can be incorporated in your online courses. You won’t want to miss out on this!


Hidden Gems of BlackBoard:

In this session we will explore and showcase useful and exciting tools found within Blackboard that will enrich the online learning environment. Kick off your semester with EdTech Cafe!