Workshops, trainings Workshops, trainings

Multimedia Enhancements:

September 12

Getting the most out of your online class

Do you know what digital sources are available for you? DLI can provide many services to enhance your online class. Some of the multimedia aspects we can assist you with are: Self Portrait, 360 video, personalized intro/lecture videos, as well as additional photography options. We will also go over the various resourseavailable for faculty members across the university such as the "One Buttom Studio", which allows faculty members to record on their own time.

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen:

Sep 26

Utilizing Collaborate Ultra

Collaboration is at the core of quality learning, although students tend to complain about group work, research proves that it is a valuable learning strategy. However, how can instructors incorporate collaborative assignments within the online modality. This session will look at practical methods instructors can use to incorporate collaboration to create a more robust learning environment for their online students.

The best of Blackboard:

Oct 10

Becoming a Power User

The learning management system "Blackboard" can provide students a great platform to learn, grow, and be a part of a community. However, it also has a lot bells and whistles and as instructors you might not always have time to know what all of the tools are available within the platform. This session will look at tools as well as aspects of the learning management system that will help you become a Power User!

Discussions that Matter:

Oct 24

How to make worthwhile discussion boards

Discussion boards can honestly be boring, and students seem to just use it as an area to just dump knowledge without really having a conversation with other fellow students. If this situation sounds familiar, maybe we need to re-think the questions we are posing to students. This session will look at methods of asking discussion questions that can lead to an actual discussion online.

Clear and Present Danger:

Nov 7

Staying engaged with your online students

There is real danger in not being present in your online course. This includes regularly posting announcements, responding to discussion post, as well as providing timely feedback. Research has proven that students engage more with their online courses when they feel their instructor is more available. We will discuss strategies that will allow instructors to utilize the flexibility of online learning, while still being present for their students.

What’s in a test?

Nov 26

Evaluating your Students beyond

traditional assessments

How do we really know if students are learning the material being presented to them? Standardized tests don't always allow students to fully express the knowledge they have acquired. For example, multiple measures can provide an alternative to standardized tests. Multiple measures rely on students using things like social and emotional skills surveys, game-based assessments, and performance or portfolio-based assessments. Research shows that these are indicators of success, lined to grades, retention, and employment. Join us for an exciting workshop where we will present the latest techniques to engage your students and help you deliver content beyond traditional assessments.

The Future is Now:

Dec 7

Maximizing the promise of online learning

Online learning has gone main stream and many institutions are just now starting to fully understand the promise that online learning provides. This session will look at emerging technologies and trends that are occurring within the realm of online learning. We will discuss how we can leverage our individual expertise to increase the online presence of the U!