For Educators

We are committed to providing educators with new instructional design skills that are essential to their professional growth. We not only offer support in the development of online courses, we also host events, produce multimedia resource guides, and develop hands-on initiatives designed to prepare educators to succeed as innovative distance learning instructors.

For those new to online classes, the Faculty Resource Kit is a condensed source on the essentials of designing online courses. We also have our narrative techniques that go more in-depth, as well as our EdTech Cafe sessions, Learning Innovation resources, and more.

Instructional Design & Technology Certificate

The Distance Learning Institute has partnered with the Office of Professional Advancement at the University of Miami’s Division of Continuing & International Education to design a certificate program specifically for educational professionals and corporate trainers who are interested in instructional design, alternative instructional delivery systems, and integrating technology in their instruction.

Our courses offer the opportunity to bridge the gap between research and practice through hands-on experiences with a variety of technology tools and discussion on best practices and how to integrate them into a learning environment.