Join the DLI Quest

The Distance Learning Institute created the DLI Quest to encourage faculty to attend and participate in the EdTech Café Sessions. We aim to become a home base for innovation, creativity, and ingenuity, where faculty members share their expertise and breadth of knowledge in engaging and motivating students in an online learning environment.


Faculty are rewarded based on a point system every time they participate or complete a quest. These quests are designed to engage faculty while teaching them effective online teaching methodologies that result in high-quality online learning experiences.

How to Play?

You will need to enroll in the DLI Quest and complete the Teaching Online Workshop through BlackBoard to start earning points.


We encourage you to become a presenter for an EdTech Café Session to earn additional points.


Complete at least one narrative technique to earn additional points.


Attend and participate in as many EdTech Café Sessions as you can in one semester.

How it Works

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